Harry Potter Idol Season 2 Episode 1

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Hey people! I making a new quiz called Harry Potter Idol: Behind The Scenes! Please read that when it comes out! Comments and rate! I know you wanna!!!! Bye everyone! Love you!

Hey people! I making a new quiz called Harry Potter Idol: Behind The Scenes! Please read that when it comes out! Comments and rate! I know you wanna!!!! Bye everyone! Love you!!

Created by: KoolKittyKat

  1. HOST: Welcome!!! Yes it is back!!! The show everyone loves! And I can price it! Here are some of the comments from Season 1 Episode 1 Zomgirl says... okay it is official...this is the best quiz on this site for now xD lol elf maiden says... lol! That was one of the funniest things I have ever read! Cant wait to read episode 2! :p Now lets get back to the show! This season judges. They are...Dumbldore! Hagrid! Snape! Voldamort! And our special guest, Justin Beiber! CROUD: Boooooo Justin! ( I hate him 2 lol) HOST: I don't like him either. Let intruduce our contestents! Harry Potter! Hermione Granger! Ron Weasly! Draco Malfoy! Fred Weasly! George Weasly! And Ginny Weasly! Lets begin with Harry Potter singing ' I'm Only Gonna Break Your Heart' by Taiz Cruz!
  2. HARRY: * sings awesome * HOST: Nice! Judges? DUMBLDORE: That was good! HAGRID: Great! SNAPE: * shrugs * VOLDAMORT: I hate you Harry. JUSTIN: Nice. HOST: Next up, Hermione Granger singing, ' Single Ladies '.
  3. HERMIONE: ( sings beautifully) HOST: Nice job! Judges? DUMBLDORE: Good. HAGRID: The boom dignity! SNAPE: Jolly good. VOLDIMORT: Bravo! JUSTIN: Your a star! HERMIONE: Can I asks something? Why is there a rat here? HOST: What rat? HERMIONE: I'm talking bout Justin. HOST: Oh. Idk!!! Next up is Ron Weasly singing ' It Girl!' He deticates this to Hermione. RON: * blushes *
  4. RON: * sings okay * HOST: Pretty good. Judges? DUMBLDORE: Nice. HAGRID: Better than last season. SNAPE: I guess it was okay. VOLDEMORT: Eh. JUSTIN: Awesome man! RON: I don't really care about your opinion you muggle! HOST: Ouch! Ron called you a muggle Justin! * laughs * Next up is Draco singing ' Baby Got Back' aka ' I Like Big Butts' DRACO: Hey!
  5. DRACO: * sings horrible * HOST: Horrible! Judges? DUMBLDORE: Uh I agree with the guy beside me. HAGRID: Agreed! SNAPE: Wonderful my Draco! VOLDEMORT: Ugh. You and your Draco Snape! He may be on my side, but that was horrible! JUSTIN: Haha. HORRIBLE! HOST: Like you can do better Justin. Next up is Fred Weasly singing ' Tonight' by Pitbull!
  6. FRED: * sings good * HOST: That was okay. Judges? DUMBLDORE: My name is not judges. Its Dumbldore. I liked it! HAGRID: Your dumb Dumbldore. * laughs * but hey, Justin is still dumber! I like it. SNAPE: Whatever. VOLDEMORT: I'm with Snape here. JUSTIN: Stop making all the jokes about me! Does it seem that all the judges are kind of.. OLD? DUMBLDORE: You better watch it kid! You ain't everything you know! HOST: * rofl * Dumbldores goin GANKSTER on you Justin! Next up is George singing 'I'm Sexy And I Know It!"
  7. GEORGE: * sings just like Fred* HOST: Hmm. Judges? DUMBLDORE: That voice is familier... HAGRID: Sounds JUST like Fred. SNAPE: I think that is Fred. VOLDEMORT: It is Fred! He is dressed as George! JUSTIN: * coughs * loser HOST: We cant prove that! Last and not least, Ginny singing ' Sugerbaby'!
  8. GINNY: * sings better than everyone* HOST: Best yet! Judges? DUMBLDORE: Awesome dude! HAGRID: Its dudet Dumbldore. Good job! SNAPE: Pretty good. VOLDEMORT: TALENT! JUSTIN: Shes better than me! GINNY: Everyones better than you! HOST: Come back next time!
  10. BYE!!!

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