Harry Potter Idol Season 1 Episode 1

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Hey! this is my new series. its kind of like a play but its harry potter idol! i need all readers to vote in the comments who you think should NOT be eliminated!

um why do i need a second paragraph i mean really lol just um dont forget to vote in the comments and stuff uh i really dont have anything more to say

Created by: KoolKittyKat

  1. Hey before we start this is Kinda like a play so lets begin
  2. HOST: Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever Harry Potter Idol! ( everyone claps) Thank you, Thank you. Now, lets intruduce our pannel of judges. Our first judge is Severous Snaps! ( the croud boos) SEVEROUS SNAPE: Hello you idiots. This show is going to be very dumb. But hey, I'm getting paid! ( croud boos) HOST: Well um, here's our second judge, Mr. Hagrid! ( grouse cheers) HAGRID: Thanks! I cant wait for the show to start! HOST: And last, but not least, Dumbldore!!! ( croud cheers loudly ) DUMBLDORE: Thank you,thank you. We have great singers here at Hogwarts, and I cant wait to hear them sing! HOST: Up first is Harry Potter singing I'm Sexy And I Know It!!!!
  3. ( Harry sings I'm Sexy And I Know It) HOST: Judges? SNAPE: Horrible Harry! HARID: I loved it Harry! DUMBLDORE: A little pitchy dog, a little pitchy, but good. HOST: Up next Is Herminone Granger singing Single Ladies by Beyonce!
  4. ( herminoe sings just like beyonce) HOST: Judges? SNAPE: HORRIBLE! F-! HAGRID: Shape, this is not school! Wonderful! DUMBLEDORE: That's pure talent right there!!! HOST: Here is Ginny Weasly with Girlfriend By Avril!!!
  5. ( ginny sings) HOST: Omg! I just have to say that was wonderful!! GINNY: Thanks! HOST: No prob. Judges? SNAPE: The worst singer ever! ( Ginny tackles Shape) HAGRID: ( pulls ginny off of Snape) Woah Ginny. Calm down. That was awesome! DUMBLDORE: Marvoulous! HOST: Here is Ron Weasly singing Tonight,Tonight, by Hot Chelle Ray!
  6. ( Ron sings horrible) HOST: Well um I have no words for that. RON: Grrr. SNAPE: That was horrible HAGRID: Not your best Ron. DUMBLDORE: Not really good. RON: Whatever ( walks out) HOST: Now its... Omg.. its Cho Chang! Hey Harry its your girlfriend! HARRY: ( blushes) hey Cho CHO: Hi Harry. HOST: Well... here is Cho Chang singing SuperBass by Nikki Minage!
  7. ( Cho Chang sing okay ) HOST: Nice job, Cho. Judges? SNAPE: Horibble. Every single one of them are horrible! HAGRID: That was okay. DUMBLEDORE: I liked Ginny better... HOST: Next up is Fred Wesley singing Cant Touch This!
  8. ( Fred sings GREAT ) HOST: That was amazing! Judges? SNAPE: Eh. HAGRID: That was great Fred! DUMBLDORE: Little high dawg. HOST: Next up is George Weasly singing Ice Cream And Cakey Cake!
  9. ( george sings just like fred ) HOST: Great! Judges? SNAPE: Sounded just like Fred. HAGRID: I agree. DUMBLDORE: I like them both!

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