Harry?Ginny?Hermione? Draco?Luna?Or Ron?

Take a quiz to define what character you are.Part 2 will include Cedric Digory,Nevil Longbottom,Cho Chang, Fluer Delacur and Hagrid.. Hope you enjoy!!

feel free to like!!! Part 2 coming soon. Suggestions welcome . Did u know there are 8 harry potter movies and only 7 books? Have u seen/read them all?

Created by: U know who
  1. What Gender are you?
  2. If there was a hard riddle would you?
  3. What house would you like to be in?
  4. What would you rather do?
  5. What spot would you play in quidditch
  6. What is your favorite patronus?
  7. What pet would you want more?
  8. Favorite common room location?
  9. Do you agree or disagree with house elf enslavement?
  10. Agree or disagree Hagrid is a bad teacher.

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