Find Out Who YOU Are From Harry Potter??

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Ever Wondering What Harry Potter Character Your Like, Well, Find Out Right Now!! Take This Simple Quiz and find out. Are You Like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna or Draco??? Find Out Now!

You Can Know Who Your Most Like In Just A Couple Of Minutes, By Taking This Quiz, You Can See Who You'd Be Perfect Friends With :) Curiosity Will Never Have to bug you again after this quiz :)

Created by: CeCee
  1. What House Would You most likely be in at Hogwarts?
  2. What Blood Type are You??
  3. What Would Be Your Patronus??
  4. What Would (Or Be Closest) To Your Boggart?
  5. If you were at Hogsmeade, where could we find you??
  6. If You got busted for something, what would you say to the Professor??
  7. Which is (or Closest) To Your Description??
  8. How Would Your Friends Best Describe You??
  9. Who'd Be Your Favourite Professor??
  10. If Danger Struck, Would You Fight or Run??
  11. You Have a Free Period, Where Would You Spend It??
  12. How Big Is Your Family??
  13. How Well Do You get on with Your Family??
  14. Who Would You Like To Have As A Best Friend?? (Won't Effect Answer)

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