How Well Do You Know Harry Potter??

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There Are Many Harry Potter Fans, But Only True Ultimate Fans, Have YOU Watched every movie, Read Every Book and stood by Harry From the beginning? Take this quiz to find out how much YOU Know About Harry Potter?

Are YOU A Harry Potter Fan, The Ultimate or a Poser? Before you could only Imagination But know you Can Find Out. This Quiz Will Show Your True Wizard Powers! Do you have what it Takes?

Created by: amazon
  1. OK Easy Question (If You Get it wrong, you should leave now!) Who Is The Main Character?
  2. How Many Children Do Bill & Fleur have?
  3. What is Voldemort's mothers name?
  4. After Scrimgeour who became Minister of Magic?
  5. At Harry's hearing in the OOTP who were the main three people present? (From The Ministry)
  6. What Is Fatal To A Basilisk?
  7. Who else did not get a chance at handling the Boggart other than Harry? (in the book)
  8. What colour was Hermione's Dress Robes in the book?
  9. How many Children do Harry and Hermione Have?
  10. What Colours Represent Ravenclaw?
  11. Where Do Fleur & Bill Get married?
  12. What is Fleurs Middle Name
  13. How many Weasley Children (Arthur & Molly's) Don't get called by there Birth Name?
  14. What is the Fifth Horcrux Destroyed and where was it hidden?
  15. What Was Sirius' Nickname given to him by the Group known as the Marauders?
  16. Who Out Of these Are NOT Animagi?
  17. What Is Severus Snape's Patronus?
  18. Who Complements Harry On His Socks Made By Dobby?
  19. What Is Hermione's cat called?
  20. Who Did Ron Go To The Yule Ball With?
  21. Who did Neville First Ask To the Yule Ball?
  22. Who Told Dumbledore Of the Prophecy Concerning The dark Lord?
  23. Who, Before Harry, Is The TRUE Master of The Elder Wand
  24. Who Did Snape Make The Unbreakable Vow With?
  25. How Many Sisters Does Narcissa Have?
  26. Are Tonks & Sirius Related?
  27. Who says this quote? "Can surely survive another minute without you. Besides, I only wish to convey a message" (movie: Half Blood Prince)
  28. 'Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi' is shown on What?

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