How Well Do You Know The Book "Divergent?"

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Many people have read the book Divergent or have watched the movie. The question is, how much do people really remember from this great book? This quiz will tell you!

How much do YOU know about the book or movie Divergent? Are you an expert on this book, or do you know nothing about it? Take this quick quiz to find out.

Created by: KoolKittyKat

  1. What faction was Beatrice Prior born into?
  2. Does Beatrice Prior feel like she belongs in Abnegation?
  3. What does Abnegation value?
  4. What faction does Beatrice switch to?
  5. Who was the first to jump off the building?
  6. What did Beatrice tell Four her name was?
  7. Why has Beatrice never seen a hamburger?
  8. Why did Four nick Beatrice's ear with a knife on purpose?
  9. Why did Al help Peter kidnapping Beatrice?
  10. What fear does Tris face first in the simulation?
  11. What is Four's real name?
  12. Why didn't the serum work on Beatrice and Four?
  13. Who got killed trying to save Tris?
  14. Who did Beatrice have to kill because they were under Influence of the serum and would have killed her?
  15. Who did Tris shoot in the shoulder?
  16. Why did Four attack Tris?
  17. Did Tris's father die?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Book "Divergent?"