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  • Which Character From Divergent Are You?
    Your Result: Tobias Eaton (Four)

    You are most like the character Tobias Eaton, know as Four, from Divergent. You were born from a house that demands respect, and in this character's household, abuse may even be brought in to get that respect. You may have had to go through a family tragedy such as divorce or death. You are stronger physically then you are mentally. You enjoy teaching young kids how to become strong and make it in the world. Even though you do not get overjoyed at the thought of having to kill someone, you will do it. Even though you may only have a few fears, at least one of those fears in one that cannot be erased. While you look like a tough person on the outside, you have a soft side you only show to very few people. You are Tobias Eaton.

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  • Tobias Eaton (Four)! Soft yet strong? Yes I am!

  • oh, how unexpected. i got christina

  • christina!

  • chistine

    yolo girl10

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