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  • How Well Do you know ff7
    [published: Oct 3, 2015]

    Well, this is a test for you role play game lovers out there. Did you know that final fantasy 7 was one…

  • how well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 22, 2014]

    Ello guys and galls. This is a simple test to see how well you know me. I hope you do well. If you dont…

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  • "Erratum tilted his head in thought before he started looking through the pile, his tail feathers twitching "i think i might have something y..."
  • "Erratum rattle hummed in thought before using the makeshift hand on his broken wing to pick up what appeared to be a long dagger with a holl..."
  • Home again
    "He shook his head "ill be fine i think"
  • "Erratum shook his head at his question "i dont mind at all, its why i brought them after all"
  • "Erratum finished stripping and yeeted the clothes into a trash can before looking over at Klaus, mildly amused "well, didnt take you long to..."
  • "Erratum blinked at Hayes, a little confused at the tree person "a little late but not my mu-oh for f---s sake" he said, abruptly cutting him..."
  • Home again
    "In nodded, still shivering "just abit cold for some reason"
  • "Erattum looked at him in amusement before twisting the sword around so that he was holding the blade and held the hilt out to him "go ahead..."
  • "Yes you can) Erratum nodded "yeah, pretty much" he said befors he picked up something that looked like a sword with no center"
  • RPRepository
    "I never made one, i just like wandering around on it lol. I probably should get around to making one, but i barely go on it so"
  • "Erratum glanced at him before he started doing something at the computer, stopping after a few seconds before going over to the pile "well, ..."
  • "Erratum hummed in understanding and nodded, straightening up as he finished sorting things "that makes sense." he said before he suddenly we..."
  • "(i did some art of Erratum) ( ) Erra"
  • "Erratum made the rattling sound again before he nodded and set a few things aside before turning his attention to the other two that had ans..."
  • "Erratum made a rattling hum sound before he started going though some of the things he had brought. "Agent X would it be possible for me to ..."

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