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    "Akumu went quiet and yume started fidgeting "I've been trying not to think about it to much" Yume said honestly, fiddling with his hoodie"
  • "Gineyes eyes stopped glowing for a moment as he glanced at Aspen before they lit back up as he joined in the singing: "King Lo"
  • " - new art of Gineye! minor spoilers as i also drew him ..."
  • "MORE SMOLL DAMN IT! Name: Azure Gender: male Age: 16 Species: Dracoraptor Franchise: my own Clas"
  • "Pheonix noticed the way Unnamed reacted to Kaiqen looking at them and growled before the skin around her head shifted to form flaps similar ..."
  • "Gineye grinned behind his mask and easily started playing the instrument along with their singing, his eyes glowing blue again"
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  • Avatar: New beginnings
    "Name: Weaver Hakarin Nickname/s: none Age: 16 Gender: male Occupation: Tailor Nationality: water tribe "
  • Avatar: New beginnings
    "OwO can I join (Help I ate a cake)"
  • Minecraft: The Way Home
    "Sulavin nodded and ran over to help, starting to knock down trees"
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    ""I think we should try checking the lab again" Akumu said slowly. "Not all of us, of course, but we might be able to find something more"
  • "REEEEEEEE Looks-^ like that but he has a stub tail Wears: loose fitting shirts and pants Powers: healing magic, an"
  • "Name: Erratum Gender: male Age: little over 800 Species: Hyzanilk Franchise: Legends of Calian (My own comic series)"
  • "Wraith nodded in understanding and finished his food, starting to shift back to his humanoid form Erratum walked over to a coun"
  • "Gineye finished whatever he was doing and tucked everything away, before he pulled out a small stringed instrument out of his bag and starte..."

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