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  • "Daaw thats adorable!)"
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    "Yume helped his brother get into the truck, paling slightly when Akumus head breafly vanished into the goop, but the darker twin appeared to..."
  • "Gineye nodded and stood up, stretchong before he nodded and started to walk off, waving for sin to follow him as he summoned his ax"
  • One Word Story
  • "Gineye tilted his head in confusion when Zerath winked at Avalon and looked between them before shrugging "shall i go get some firewood?"
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    "Akumu managed to pull himself so he was upright, but he was mostly drapped across his twins shoulders and side. Yume made a face at his brot..."
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    "Akumu nodded in agreement as he tried to get up off the ground, starting to feel a little frustrated with this whole mess. Yume giggled soft..."
  • "Gineye looked at Arwyn "i dont always rely on potions and magic" he said, putting his stuff back in his bag"
  • One Word Story
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    "Yume winced slightly as Alice pointed out his brothers issue, before he shuddered as Akumu kinda glooped onto him when he lost his balance "..."
  • "Gineye frowned when he noticed the blood and then he started searching through his bag of holding, humming to himself as he pull a seemingly..."
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    "Akumu squeaked when he was picked up, several tendrils wrapping around Danny and his twin while they where moving before they receded when d..."
  • "Gineye looked over at Avalon and then nodded, im pretty sure they are just exhausted" he said as he sat down"
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    ""Do i look like im ok!" Akumu practically shrieked, stactic partially obscuring his voice when his chest and throat briefly became goop "i d..."
  • "Gineye sighed and moved sin so they where laying flat before he started looking for their eyepatch"

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