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  • Superverse
    "Sgrios froze when Wren hugged him before quickly hugging her back, holding her close Ember looked confused as he looked around "
  • 5
    ""They dont want me to tell you!" Naydren hissed at them as faint voiced started becoming audiable to them. Naydren started thrashing and aku..."
  • Legends of Calian
    ""No. This was just to get Erratum here" he said as the portal closed. He then looked over at the Hyzanilk "Cripple it, get it to land so we ..."
  • The String
    ""It sounds lovely" myriad said"
  • Broken God
    "Ci-Annifyr moved to her side to help her"
  • Broken God
    "Ci-Annifyr eyed her but nodded "good enough. Now lets go, Tioata managed to contail Sgrios to one forest but i dont know how long he can hol..."
  • Broken God
    "He shrugged "it helped didnt it" he said with a grin before looking serious "think you can get up?"
  • Gey Flag
    "Genesis grinned as he walked through the school, taking the time to memorize the layout so he wouldnt get lost. He found a courtyard and wal..."
  • Gey Flag
    "You did :( )"
  • Broken God
  • The String
    "Myriad smiled at him "so where is he?"
  • Unicorn
    "No sorry ive just been having issues with motivation again, sorry. That and i posted last)"
  • The String
    "Myriad smiled and gave Screech a quick hug"
  • Broken God
    "The dog grinned "welcome back to the land of the living" he said"
  • Broken God
    "The canine poked her side with his cold nose"

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