How well do you know my characters?

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I have a lot of characters, but several of them are reocoring or i ramble a lot about in my peronal thread! This is a test to see how well you know them!

Dont be scared if you dont know them to well, you can easily find the information in my personal thread, a Rift in the Void, or you can ask me! Good luck÷

Created by: pheonix_pharaoh

  1. Who are the Vale Shards
  2. Who is Captain?
  3. What is Myriads favorite snack?
  4. What is Swarms original(human) name?
  5. What is Pharaohs gender?
  6. What is Azure to me?
  7. What is Era's special ability?
  8. What is Captains Goal
  9. What is a soul hydra.
  10. Last one! Who is the primodial of creation!
  11. Jk! One more. Who is Gineye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my characters?