What Character From Calvin & Hobbes Are You?

Hi! this is FaeSoulGirl, here with yet another quiz! This one is made to help you determine what character from the famous comic strip Calvin & Hobbes!

Remember, I don't own any of the characters, answer honestly, *I can't see your results*, have fun, and go to the forums, hit the Lounge, and go to the thread called Fae Lake, then click on my post, and check out my other quizzes and polls! the thread called Fae Lake,

Created by: FaeSoulGirl

  1. What is your gender?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do you hate math?
  4. Believe in aliens?
  5. Adjective that best describes you:
  6. what is your hair color
  7. favorite song?
  8. What club name appeals to you the most?
  9. Which emoji do you use the most ?
  10. How do you do your homework?
  11. How do you spend Saturdays ?
  12. don't forget to rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: What Character From Calvin & Hobbes am I?