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Created by: J_Angel_

  1. Brycen: Your a brother and a best friend to me....Thank you so much! ðŸ‘ŧðŸ–Ī
  2. Shadow: Your probably not gonna see this but, "I love you" and I hope you know ho much I care about you.💖
  3. Cinna: Your a best friend to me and I adore how your so nice. I can't be nice like you are and I am proud to call you my friend.💚
  4. Tat: Your awesome, best roleplay partner ever, and I hope you keep on rocking like you do with you awesome pfp(by me) ðŸ‘đ
  5. Cats: So we fight a lot, understandable, but your still a friend to me. ðŸ’Ŋ😞
  6. Summer: I don't see you often anymore but when I do it is fun. Your a very nice, chill person..Unless your roleplaying...But still your cool.ðŸĪĐ
  7. Jacob: Sometimes you make things weird..Very weird...But your still a friend of mine..ðŸĪŠ
  8. June: My guardian angel, you aren't around much sadly but when you are on it's fun to hang out with you..✌
  9. Spice: Your awesome, and nice, and cool, and fun to be around, and spicy, and...yep, your everything. 👊😇
  10. Acrimony: Come on my fav mod, you got this, strut and all. Your the best of the mod's to me. (By the way, I tho you were a guy)😁🖖
  11. Nix: Aye, you are weird and awesome in your own way, and I like that tho. So no change, go it, no change.ðŸĪž ðŸĪŸ
  12. Elly: Hey girl, your my friend and I like being your friend..I wish to see you more often and learn more about you. âĪ

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