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Who would be your friends on GTQ? Do you already have some? Well, this is your quiz to take. Of course, everyone would want to be your friend, but I'm just trying to, you know, predict who would ask you to be their friend first.

All of the following people are included in the results: Spice, Vio, Summers, Tat, Eggaly, Nix, Lies, June, Cinna, Shadow, Draco. Basically just eleven people who want to be your friend, huh? Yeah, I know, it's great.

Created by: Sunborn_

  1. Roses, daisies, or poppies?
  2. Books or electronics?
  3. Disney+ or Netflix?
  4. Okay, I got lazy so I'm just pressing random things for how much it effects your results.
  5. Who do you want to be your friend?
  6. Angel
  7. Sword or Shield?
  8. Have you taken the GTQ Love Story quiz?
  9. If not, go take it lol
  10. Bye now! Ready for your result?

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