Which Character From Divergent Are You?

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There are many books in this world, and Divergent is one of them. Divergent is a great book series and I decided to make a quiz dedicated to that book and it's well thought out characters.

Which character from Divergent are YOU? Are you the main character and protagonist, or are you the antagonist in this story? Find out by answering honestly on this quiz!

Created by: KoolKittyKat

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  1. Which do you think is the most important aspect of life?
  2. Would you say you are stronger physically or mentally?
  3. Do you have multiple tattoos and piercings, or are planning to get them in the future?
  4. Would you say you find joy in the pain of others?
  5. Are you planning on getting a job involving Politics in the future?
  6. Would you ever hurt another human being?
  7. How many traits would you say you have?
  8. How many fears are you aware that you have?
  9. If someone was in need of assistance, would you help them?
  10. Would you describe yourself as smart?

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Quiz topic: Which Character From Divergent am I?