How Divergent are You?

Hello! This quiz is called " How Divergent Are You?" In this quiz, questions will be asked about the Divergent series and about the person who wrote it. I made this quiz because it is one of my favorite series.

Do you love Divergent? Do you wish you could be Divergent? Take this quiz to find out if you are. If you get 100%, great job. If not, try again. Have fun!

Created by: Divergent

  1. In the " Divergent" series, who thinks they are divergent but are actually not?
  2. Who dies in the last book( based on the answers below)?
  3. How does Will die?
  4. What are the books in the Divergent series in order?
  5. Why is the last book of Divergent called " Four?"
  6. Who wrote Divergent?
  7. Who is Veronica Roth's husband?
  8. What is the third "chapter" of Four called?
  9. Veronica Roth was first going to write Divergent from another character's ( not Tris) point of view. Who was it?
  10. Who plays Tris Prior in the movie Divergent?
  11. When did Divergent come out?
  12. What does Divergent mean?
  13. What are the five factions?
  14. In what city in America does Tris grow up in?

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