Do you really know Divergent?

The Divergent movie came out and we need to separate the true fans from the Panseycakes. Will you come out on top? Or be proven factionless for good?

Are you a true fan, or have you simply seen the movie. If you think you know Divergent, test your strength here. Answer a few questions to find out wear you stand.

Created by: Kitty

  1. To start things off heres an easy one: How often does Beatrice cut her hair?
  2. What faction are Beatrice's parents originally from?
  3. Who is the first to die?
  4. Okay, these are getting harder? Can you keep up?
  5. When is the first time Tris meets Lynn?
  6. In the FIRST book, does Tobias think he is Divergent.
  7. How many fears does Tris have?
  8. Who else is Divergent?
  9. What is the last sentence of the first book?
  10. What does Tris raven tattoo symbolize?
  11. Did you read the book or watch the movie
  12. Did you read the book or watch the movie
  13. What is a Panseycake?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Divergent?