How well do you know divergent?

How well do you know divergent? Find out here. This quiz is about the book and movie divergent by Veronica Ross. The first book in a amazing trilogy.

Warning: This may contain spoilers but only from the first book so don't take it if you never finished the book or you can but please be warned there may be some spoils.

Created by: koalabear1

  1. What faction is the main character, Beatrice from?
  2. Who is Caleb to Beatrice?
  3. What is the name of the lady who gives Beatrice her test?
  4. What 3 factions did Beatrice get on her aptitude test?
  5. At the choosing ceremony what does Beatrice choose?
  6. What Faction does Caleb choose?
  7. What does Beatrice change her name to when she gets to her new faction?
  8. Who is Tris's first friend in her new faction?
  9. Who is the dauntless leader for transfers?
  10. Tris climed up what?
  11. Four has his name because?
  12. What Character ends up committing suicide?
  13. Because Tris is Divergent the simulations..
  14. What is not one of Tris's Fears?
  15. Why was Tris not under the simulation?
  16. Tris accidently killed...
  17. True or False? The book ends with Tris and Four going back to dauntless?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know divergent?