Divergent & Faction Quiz

This quiz is inspired from the book divergent. I was trying to find out my faction in other divergent quizzes but everything seemed a little obvious. I wanted to know if I qualified as divergent but divergent was not a choice.

So I made this! It has divergent as a choice (and factionless too). But are YOU divergent? Or are you abnegation? Dauntless? How about erudite? You'll find out in my quiz!!!

Created by: Carly Brooke
  1. What is your dream birthday party?
  2. What is you favorite color?
  3. If you could do anything with your hair you would...
  4. If you caught someone bullying, you would...
  5. Which phrase do you agree with the most?
  6. If you accidentally started a fire would you...
  7. What would you do of you saw a homeless man in the street?
  8. What would you do if a malnourished & sick kitten showed up on your street?
  9. Do you like long hair, medium hair, or short hair?
  10. What kind of pet would you like best?
  11. Which names (one boy one girl) do you like best?

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