Which Divergent faction would you be in?

So many quizzes out there suggest they know what faction you would be in but have they ever made you complete a story and make choices like the aptitude test? Take this quiz and discover a whole new way to find out what faction you belong in.

In this quiz, you'll be faced with decisions such like the aptitude test and you'll result in 1/5 factions. Divergent and Faction less aren't a choice but if you're close in range in two+ results, you're easily assumed to be Divergent.

Created by: biased_biatch
  1. Your friend stole 20 bucks from the desk next to him. The kid didn't notice his money was gone until about 10 minutes later. The kid went as 11:47 to inform the teacher and she asks who took the money. Your friend just sits there. What do you think you'd do?
  2. You're assigned to work with the kid who got his money taken. He looks you in the eye and declares that his name is John before seriously asking if you know where his money is for real. What do you do?
  3. Its all settled and John is quite pleased with the turnout. He opens his folder and slides you a page from inside. It lists ideas for the project you were assigned. He asks you to pick your favorite. What do you pick? (you are in history class, by the way.)
  4. Once you make your choice you point to it and show John. "Great choice!" he exclaims. Now, for the part we will write on the board, who will write?
  5. After that's finished, John asks where you would like to meet?
  6. He smiles. "That's actually a brilliant idea!" he says. You stop for a moment. Wait.. Did we really just finish planning what to do?
  7. No matter what you think, the bell rings to signal class is over. With a sigh you pick up your bag and it splits open! All of your binders and papers soar out of the material and you look around for help. You notice John still packing his things and the teacher still in the room but everyone else is out by now. What do you do?
  8. You make it to your next class (science) and realize today is a lab day. You look down at your shoes to ensure that they're closed toed, which they are, and take a seat. Your teacher announces that she will pick a new partner for you today. You look across the room at your best friend and long his/her partnership but you know it won't happen, you were already partners before. Your teacher calls your name first. (I mean this story IS about you!) and you stand up. Then, she calls your crush. Inside your beaming rays of light and bursting with rainbows. How do you act on the outside?
  9. Once everyone is in their groups, you look up at your crush and sink into your chair. He/She asks you to hand him/her the Erlenmeyer flask and to sit up and be cautious. What do you do?
  10. The fire alarm suddenly goes off. How do you react?
  11. This fire was real! A real fire at school for once! You frown as you see the school burst into flames. Why are you frowning?
  12. The firefighters arrive and exhaust most of the fire. You see a black, burnt building in front of you. What are you thinking?
  13. You're sent home by school administrators and your crush walks up to you. He/She requests to walk you home because you two could not finish the lab. Your best friend walks up and assumes you're walking with him/her because that's what happens everyday. A teacher walks up and asks you to stay back and help pick up debris. What do you say?
  14. Once home, you're questioned by the parents why you're not in school. You..
  15. You are about to see your test results! Are you ready?
  16. I know you have seeing these but please rate and comment. Tell me what I did right or wrong in this quiz and I'll improve my next one! (:

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