What faction are you?

I didn't include divergent and faction less. Because if i did would all be divergent. See these tests don't capture divergence. And I wanted to show you your overall faction result. So if you were divergent sorry this won't tell you! But it would tell you which faction you should choose thanks

Take the test. Thank you my tablets going dead sojdjdjdkdkdkdmdkdkdmdmdmmdmdmdmxkxkxkxmxmxmxmxkxkxkxkmxkxkxkdkxkkxkxkxkxkkxkxkkxkxkkddkxkxkxkxkxkxkxkdk

Created by: Mckenzie Sykes
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're friend is dating a bug you've liked longer and more than she does how do you respond?
  2. Mirrors opinion please
  3. Define courage
  4. You have to choose a lifelong career what would it be in the divergent world
  5. Pick a style
  6. If you got diverent results what would you do
  7. Which factions do you think go together. based on their original ideas and intentions
  8. You have to say one word that describes each faction based on their original ideals in order from Eurodite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, And Candor GO!!!
  9. If you were to die in the divergent world. How do you think you'd go?
  10. What faction would you least likely wanti
  11. What factions training whould you probably ace
  12. Have you ever lied,
  13. Eurodite- what is its original intentions
  14. What is abnegations original intentions?
  15. What are candors original intention
  16. And finally if someone said " your divergent so you can't take the test" what faction would you choose?

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Quiz topic: What faction am I?