Which Divergent Faction Do You Belong In?

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Each year, all 16 year old's are required to take an Aptitude Test. The purpose of the test is to discover a disposition towards one of the five traits of the five factions (below). It provides a good indication of what faction a person should choose based on his/her predominant characteristic.The next day in the Choosing Ceremony test-takers must choose which faction they will enter into. They can either leave their family and choose an entirely new faction or they can remain where they are. The aptitude test result should be taken into account but the decision is ultimately their choice.

The test takes place at the school, in dedicated testing rooms. Tests cannot be administered by a member of the same faction as the test-taker. Electrodes connected to a computer are attached to both the student and the test administrator, and the student is then given a serum to drink. This connects them to a simulation. The simulation provides a series of scenarios which the student must react to. Each stage, monitored by the administrator, should eliminate at least one or more of the factions, ultimately eliminating at least four factions and leaving one single faction as the result. (In the rare case a test proves inconclusive, with the elimination of only three or less factions, the taker is a Divergent.)

Created by: smokedsalmon
  1. You are sitting in the chair ready to perform your aptitude test. You are handed a small shot glass full of blue liquid...
  2. You lay back and close your eyes. When you awake, you realize the women and computers are gone. You stand and face the mirror in front of you. The walls have all transformed into mirrors and you are surrounded by yourself. A hand touches your shoulders and points to two bowls, telling you to choose.
  3. A rabid dog suddenly barks from in front of you. The bowls are no longer existing.
  4. The once dog is now a puppy. A young girl stands a few feet away. The dog is now suddenly its original form and it runs at the girl.
  5. You fall through the floor and onto a bus. A man shows you a photo of a boy and asks you if you have ever seen him before. The boy looks similar.
  6. The man tells you if you don't tell him the truth he could die.
  7. You walk towards the end of the bus and open the door into a dark room. You are holding a gun in your hand. You feel a gun pointed towards the back of your head. "Shoot them or I will shoot you."
  8. You are blindfolded and are being carried away. You are not strong enough to break free from the grip of your attackers.
  9. The grip ,pulling your arms into awkward and painful angles, tightens and the blindfold is untied. You are standing on the edge of a cliff.
  10. They hold you over the cliff, your feet dangling. You can't help but shiver from the sight of the sharp and jagged rocks 50 feet below. You still feel the gun in your hand.
  11. You fall and land on your feet in a glass tank. Water rushes through the holes in the bottom and you are trapped.
  12. You sit on the floor and close your eyes. When you reopen them you are sitting in a chair strapped to a lie detector. You are asked a few personal questions by a woman sitting at the other end of the table.
  13. You now see before you a stacks of textbooks.
  14. Behind you you hear music and turn to see a group of amity in a circle singing.
  15. A bright light shines from above your head and a ladder appears connecting the ground to the hole in roof. You climb the ladder and are standing in the middle of a street of factionless.

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Quiz topic: Which Divergent Faction do I Belong In?