How much do you know about Divergent?

Hi there. I'm Emily. I'm a huge Divergent fan so I made this trivia quiz for all the other Divergent fans out there. :) Feel free to take this quiz however many times you want. This is all for you. :)

This quiz is all trivia. Questions all about Divergent. With everything I could think of from factions, to the characters that make up the story. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, brave.

Created by: Emily

  1. How many factions are there?
  2. What is Tobias's nickname?
  3. What was Tris's first tattoo?
  4. What American city does the story take place?
  5. What is the Candor symbol?
  6. What trait does the Abnegation faction value?
  7. Why does Tobias have all five factions tattooed on his back?
  8. Who is Tris's best friend?
  9. What was Al's original faction?
  10. What is the preferred dessert at Dauntless?
  11. What faction did Caleb transfer to?
  12. What does Tobias tell Tris before she goes into her fear simulation for the first time?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Divergent?