How Much Do You Know About Divergent

Do really know Divergent? Are you a true Divergent expert? We'll, here's your chance to find out if you really know Beatrice, Four and everyone else. Good luck to everyone.

You think you know everything about Divergent, but we will test that! In this we will see if you qualify for the best title of all- The True Divergent Expert. We will find out in this short quiz. Watch out for the second one- How Much Do You Know About Insurgent.

Created by: Megan

  1. What faction did Beatrice live in and where did she switch to?
  2. What color clothes did Abnegation wear?
  3. What did Beatrice change her name to in Dauntless?
  4. What was her first challenge in Dauntless?
  5. The first food Tris are in Dauntless was a ________.
  6. Who did Tris meet on the train that became a friend?
  7. Who did Tris take the place of when knives would be thrown at him/her?
  8. Who did Christina like?
  9. How does Four save Tris during Capture the Flag?
  10. How did Tris learn Four's fears?
  11. How did Tris learn Four's real name?
  12. What is Four's real name?
  13. How did Tobias get the nickname "Four?"
  14. Where did Four and Tris first kiss at?
  15. Why did Erudite plan to use Dauntless to attack Abnegation?
  16. Where did Tris find Tobias during the attack?
  17. Where did Tobias tell Tris that he lived her?
  18. Will you rate or comment (no effect)

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