what divergent faction are you?

i made this quiz because i really like the divergent series. This quiz is like the aptitude test. Are you divergent,dauntless,amity, abnegation, candor, or erudite?

This quiz is just for fun and to help you realize what your personality is like. it is goo to be divergent, it means you have a mixed personality. please answer all of the answers as truthfully as possible.

Created by: Sean Goosherst
  1. What trait do you value most?
  2. Pick one... one you would actually pick.
  3. if a man tries to attack you, what do you do?
  4. what faction would you choose?
  5. an aggressive dog started running at a little girl, what do you do?
  6. what would you rather do?
  7. what colors do you usually where?
  8. a nervous man reading the paper about a murderer asks if you know him, he looks familiar, what do you do ?
  9. After that, he asks you to tell the truth, what do you say?
  10. Did you tell the truth on all of these questions? This doesn't effect anything.

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Quiz topic: What divergent faction am I?