which guy is best for you?part 5

Ok so this is part 5 of my quiz sorry it took long put I had cheer practice skools almost starting and not drama!so ya but ill try to take them out quickly and ya follow me on twitter at ilovetaty4eva!kk bye!

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Created by: ilovetaty4eva

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  1. So you and Santiago end up talking for the rest of the morning until Nick came down."morning baby!"he says when he sees you and comes over to kiss you!you can't help it even though you know Santiago is rite next to you!"um...ya ______I'll see you later!"Santiago says as he leaves you pull back as he leaves and go after him.what do you say when you catch up to him?
  2. Santiago forgives you and asked you if instead of going tommorow to buy your sexy pjs you go today with him?what do you say?
  3. You say yes and go and get ready!what do you change in???
  4. He pulls into mall parking lot and head up to Victoria's sceret.you find a couple of cute things like a night gown made of silk with lace on it and a couple of booty shorts that say PINK on the back and stuff.as your going to pay you spot the cutest pjs ever what do they look like???
  5. Well the total came out to 150 but Santiago dosent really care!then he asks you if you'd like to go to any other store?!you say yes which ones are you hitting?
  6. You guys hit every store that you possibly can and when you get home its around 7:00!!Max asks you if you could make them food!you agree and get work.you decide to make lasangis with bread sticks and cold lemonade(me:getting so hungry!)you call the guys in to eat and they all compliment your cooking.after dinner Santiago and Max clean the kitchen and nick pulls you up to his room!he locks the door and starts making out with you next thing you know your on his bed your hands on his abs and his on your @ss!what's going true your mind??
  7. You end up falling asleep together so the next morning you wake up wrapped around him he still asleep so you kiss him on the forheadq"Hay baby slept well??"you ask him"ya best nights sleep I've ever gotten!"he says then kiss you!you two walk hand in hand downstairs but when you get down stairs there's a guy you've never seen before his tall skinny tanned skin brown eyes long emoish hair that curls at the end and has a little hit of yellow highlights in it!"hi you must be Vanessa!I'm luis santiagos couian!"
  8. Santiago comes down takes you in his arms and kisses you"Hay babe see you met luis!" "I'm ya we just did!"so you get to meet luis a little bit more!you found that his a vegeterian he knows how to sail he has 2 sibilings!and hears emoish music!!do you like him?
  9. Kk guys I'm gona make it short today but come for part 6 promise ill take out quick!
  10. Kk so who do you love and my secret agent sumo secret chimps can take your monkeys and time!

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