Our little Secret part 3

Our little secret part 4 is finally out! Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, I couldn't think of what to write..anyways if you haven't took part 1-2, please do! I had a headache but I wanted this part to be out.Enjoy! Azy loves you! ^=-=^

Characters: Nathan has brown spicy hair, hazel beautifull eyes, Cute laugh, and loves to eat :D Jayden has jet black wavy hair, Pine green eyes, sexy smile, Loves to draw and is Nathan's friend..

Created by: AZY
  1. I heard someone waking up and I knew it was jayden, he opened his eyes reavealing his pine green color. Jayden smiled "You look hotter in the light" he told me smiling. I laughed and then I remembered that this was nathan's house. "Is nathan awake yet?" I asked really worried. "Maybe..maybe not" He said getting up. I got up and put my shoes on with my jacket. "I got to go" I told him. I didn't give him a chance to answer because I left his room. I exited nathan's house without being seen.
  2. I got to my house safetly but got stopped by my dad. ''How was the party?'' He asked. "Very fun" I answered smiling, I was remembering jayden's smile but that was not right. I needed to be thinking about nathan.. "That's good Aaliah" He answered smiling. I nodded and walked to my room slowly. When I entered my room I collapsed on my bed. "I feel like crap" I mumbled to myself. My body felt eww so I jumped in the shower but tripped on soap. ''Uhhh'' I groaned. I got up and got showered.
  3. When I got out the shower I changed into red skinny jeans and A black long sleeve. I heard my phone vibrate. "Hello" I answered. "Sure, right now?" I asked through the phone, I smiled "Bye Ana" I said. I walked downstairs and saw my dad eating an omelot. "Dad, i'am going to meet Ana at coffee run" I said hugging him "Be safe hun" He said. "I always am" I answered as I left my house. I walked to coffee run alone.
  4. I stared singing to moves like jagger by marron 5. I was bored but then stopped singing just in time as I arrived at coffee run, It was half full and I was surprised. I went to order myself an ice mocha, I then noticed ana sitting down. "Hey what you wanted to talk about?" I asked sitting across from her. She smiled. "Where did you leave last night? I was looking for you in every room" She asked while smiling. "I went home with nathan, I didn't want to interrup your talk with that one guy yesterday" I said
  5. She smiled and poked my arm "Nathan? What did you guys do?" She asked smiling. "Nothing...well he wanted you know, but I said no and he kicked me out of his room yelling" I answered rolling my eyes. Nathan's a b---- when he's drunk. "But do you remembered that guy that tackled me in the party?" I asked. "The cute sexy beast" She said almost yelling. "Shhh...and yess. Anyways he's nathan's friend and he lives in his house so I uh....sleeped in his room" I whispered nervously. She smiled "Lucky you" She said
  6. I laughed "That's enough of me, what about you and that guy?" I asked grinning. "Well we were talking and I found out his name is drake, he was really sweet but he wasn't from here so he had to go back to his home town" She said shrugging. "Aww you'll soon find a perfect guy" I said. "I"am find being single, it's fun" She said. I laughed. I soon walked home ....alone again.
  7. "Hey babe" I heard someone say, I jumped a bit and turned around to see nathan, he was smiling 'Hey' I whispered as I smiled a bit. "What's wrong?" He asked "Don't you remember, you yelled at me and kicked me out your room" I said "I'am sorry babe, I was drunk and full of crap" He had his hands cupping my face and then he kissed me softly. I loved his kiss. "I forgive you" I whispered.
  8. Nathan smiled and hugged me. "I'll walk you home" He said pulling away and taking my hand in his. My face felt hot and I realised that I was blushing. "Okay" I said smiling. He always made me feel happy and safe.
  9. As we got closer to my house I turned to nathan "Remember my dad he doesn't like me having a boyfriend" I whispered "Well you should end up telling him, anyways bye Aaliah" He pecked my lips. "Bye" I said waving and entering my house.
  10. I smiled and sat down in my couch, how I love my couch. I soon passed out with a smile on my face. "Goodnight" My dad whispered to me. ~Cliffhanger~

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