Your amazing love story part 4

Who will it be? Will it be Gavin, Dean, Kenneth, or Nathan? This one is interesting because you find out Kenneth's deep, dark secret! What will it be?

Yadah Yadah Yadah! Hahaha I' have nothing else to say now, so bye. Blueberries, pandas, tie, camo, zombie, Yadah Yadah Yadah! Stay tuned for part 5!!!

Created by: Brennzadoodles24

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  1. You wake up in your own bedroom. Your face hurts like crazy! You look over to see Gavin. "about time you wake up." he says. You look at your window. It's daytime. "how long have you been here?" you ask him. "since I carried you home from the game." he replies. "you carried me home?" you say suprised. " ya, and I broke up with Amber. I told her all of the stuff that happened... In including the kiss." he says.
  2. "I don't really care about that right now! What exactly happened after I blacked out?" you ask. "after Dean punched you he ran off, I'm not really sure where to. He didn't mean to punch you. I told you if you got involved with him he would hurt you!" Gavin says. "I know he didn't mean to, and after that?" you asked. Then everyone crowded around us to try and help you. It got way to insane so I carried you home. When I walked in your mom freaked! I told her what happened and she told me to take you upstairs... I've been here since." he says. Before you can say anything else he kisses your forehead and leaves.
  3. *at school the next day* your walking in the hall when someone grabs your arm and pulls you into a closet!
  4. It's Kenneth. "oh my god! You scared me!" you say. "I really want to tell you something. Meet me after school today. NO DITCHING!" he says. "okay!" you say. You get out of the closet and run to math. When you walk in you forgot you sit next to Nathan until suddenly you get a note. It says 'are you mad at me?' you answer back 'no, I guess I was just frustrated. I'm sorry.' then you pass him the note. He was writing something when the teacher takes the note.
  5. *biology class* you walk into class talking to Kenneth again. Then you look over and Dean doesn't even look up one bit. You go to sit down and say hi, but he just ignores you and keeps writing down his answers to his paper.
  6. *end of school day* Kenneth walks up to you and says "come one! I want to show you something cool!" you follow him, then suddenly he's gone!
  7. Then he pops up outta nowhere! You' scream and jump back. "what the heck?! You popped up outta nowhere! How'd you do that?!" you ask. "that's what I'm going to explain to you. I have super powers, but only two." he says. You slowly back away. "please! I'm not going to hurt you! I promise! It's just, you're the only one i know i can trust." he says. "okay, so what two powers do you have?" you ask. "well as you know, invisibility and I can fly." he replies. Then he picks you up and he starts flying! You start screaming but then stop because you realize you're safe.
  8. Then you two are up in the air, and he looks at you and leans in and... Cliffhanger!
  9. Oh yes, the cliffhanger! Will he kiss you? Or not?
  10. Who do you like so far?
  11. Who do you like so far?

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