How Narutarded are you?

Naruto is a good show and manga. Some fanbrats spoil it, some flamers hate it, but now you can see how you rank in the Narutard world! Until now, people have been wondering how Narutarded they are, but thanks to this quiz made by a dedicated Narutard, people can stop wondering and find out!

This is a Quiz about the Naruto universe, filler and all. It's time to find out....Are YOU a Narutard? Do you have the chakra to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out how you rank in the world of Narutardedness!

Created by: Marcellous of DeviantART
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  1. Who are the only two Uchiha clan members currently alive?
  2. How many hand signs are there?
  3. Who of the following is currently pregnant?
  4. Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu takes the most hand signs in the series (42) to perform. The Second Hokage could use it with only how many hand signs?
  5. What is Gaara's favorite food?
  6. How many Kekkei Genkai are there?
  7. How big is Tsunade's bust, as measured by Jiraiya?
  8. How many times did Team 7 try to get Kakashi to take of his mask?
  9. What is the Record for the Gai-Kakashi competition?
  10. What technique did Gai come up with to negate the effects of the Sharingan?
  11. How strong did Itachi say Jiraiya was?
  12. Which of the following is a Kinjutsu(Forbidden Jutsu)?

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Quiz topic: How Narutarded am I?