How Well Do You Know Sasuke Uchiha? (Before Itachi's Death)

Have you watched the anime "Naruto" and taken an interest in none other than Sasuke Uchiha? Well, well, well. This quiz may just be for you! Itachi-senpai and I made it for people just like you!! (Itachi: Facepalms)

Remember, this quiz is on the timeline before Itachi's death. If you think there are multiple correct answers for a question, think about when they both happened. Good luck! (Itachi: Waves Me: Blows a kiss)

Created by: Bree
  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!What clan is Sasuke from? (Come on guys. If you get this wrong i have no hope for you)
  2. Who is Sasuke's best friend?
  3. What are Sasuke's parents' names?
  4. What job did Sasuke want to have when he was young?
  5. When Sasuke broke his ankle, who carried him home?
  6. What mission did Sasuke accompany Itachi on?
  7. What upset Sasuke in his childhood?
  8. Who has always had a crush on Sasuke?
  9. What jutsu did Kakashi teach Sasuke?
  10. What happened when Itachi threw a kunai at Sasuke after murdering their parents?
  11. How old was Sasuke when Itachi murdered his parents?
  12. Going from that, how old was Itachi when he murdered his parents?
  13. What did Sasuke frequently call Sakura?
  14. Who did Sasuke want to murder?
  15. True or False: Sasuke has stated that Naruto was a goodfriend of his.
  16. What rank was Sasuke in the academy class?
  17. True or False: Itachi believed that Sasuke had great potential.
  18. What was Hebi's first recruited member's name?
  19. And the second?
  20. The last member?
  21. What was the original purpose of Sasuke's recruited group?
  22. True or False: Itachi stole Sasuke's eye.
  23. True or False: Itachi was crippled by illness while fighting Sasuke.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Sasuke Uchiha? (Before Itachi's Death)