How Well Do You Know Sasuke?

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Many people consider Sasuke to be their favorite character in the series, but how many people actually know much about him? This quiz will separate the know it all's from the people who say they know Sasuke but actually don't.

In many ways, this Quiz will Challenge your knowledge about Sasuke. Many Quizzes won't be the same as this one? Intrigue yet? I hope so, your going to need all the knowledge you can muster!

Created by: Ben
  1. What is Sasuke's Kekkai Genkai?
  2. What was Sasuke's squad number?
  3. Who was Sasuke's Sensei assigned to his squad?
  4. What new technique did Kakashi teach Sasuke, in order to keep him prepared for the Chunin Exams Finals?
  5. What is the name of the character who gave Sasuke the curse mark?
  6. Who did Sasuke Vow to Kill?
  7. Who is Sasuke's Rival?
  8. What form of Curse Mark does Sasuke Have?
  9. In Naruto and Sasuke's first fight, who won?
  10. Why does Sasuke leave the leaf village?
  11. What age did Sasuke graduate from the academy at?
  12. How does Sasuke receive his Mangekyo Sharingan?
  13. What clan is Sasuke in?
  14. When did Sasuke's Sharingan awaken?
  15. When did Sasuke lose his forehead protector?
  16. What was Sasuke's team, "taka" main goal?
  17. What rank is Sasuke in the leaf village?
  18. Why did Sasuke join the Akuksti?
  19. At what age did Sasuke master the Grand Fireball Technique?
  20. What was the name of Sasuke's sword?
  21. When using the Curse mark what animal does Sasuke resemble?
  22. After the fight with Itachi who nurses Sasuke back to health?
  23. Who does Sasuke fight in the Chunin Exams finals?
  24. Which shoulder is Sasuke's curse mark on?
  25. When Sasuke first received Chidori how many times could he safely use it?
  26. Before the Uchiha massacre, what was Sasuke's childhood dream?
  27. Where did Sasuke and Naruto fight at, the second time?
  28. What were Sasuke's last words to Sakura before leaving the Leaf village?
  29. What is Sasuke's Specialty Shuriken called?
  30. How was Sasuke able to come up with Lions Barrage?
  31. During the Chunin Exams, how did Sasuke cheat off of the person in front of him?
  32. How did Sasuke predict which of Naruto's Shadow clones were the real one?
  33. When did Sasuke awaken the third phase of Sharingan?
  34. How many people were in Sasuke's team, to destroy Itachi?
  35. Which eye does Sasuke's Ameratsu come from?
  36. Which eye does Sasuke's Tsukuyomi come from?
  37. In the Anime which episode does Sasuke First appear in?

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