How well do you know Sasuke Uchiha

This is a quiz for Sasuke Uchiha. I know there are lots of Fans out there, but lets see how much you really know about the quiet, stubborn male ninja of the Leaf.

Sasuke, is hard to get close to so if you don't know him very well, your worse then scum to him, he won't notice you at all, so if you dare test your limits take this quiz.

Created by: Daisuke

  1. Okay easy one... Who is Sasuke Uchiha's Brother?
  2. At what age did Sasuke graduate the Academy?
  3. What is the color of Sasuke's eyes?
  4. When did Sasuke get the curse mark?
  5. Out of the three Sanin who is Sasuke most like?
  6. How tall is Sasuke?
  7. When is Sasuke's Birthday?
  8. What Rank is Sasuke at in Shippuden?
  9. What is the name of Sasuke's new Team?
  10. What does Uchiha,Sasuke mean?
  11. Who is Sasuke's biggest Rival?
  12. How many outfits does Sasuke have in both parts?
  13. Why did Sasuke Join Akatsuki?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sasuke Uchiha