Would Itachi Uchiha Fall for You?

This quiz is to try and let you know whether or not my senpai would love you! TBH, I hope I could ace this quiz, because he is my senpai, after all. So yeah, maybe he'll love you, maybe he won't.

Anyway, sorry for how short this quiz is! Make sure to be honest in these, even if you don't like the answer. If you aren't, then enjoy your fake results.

Created by: Bree

  1. "Hello. I noticed you forgot your books in class, so here they are." Itachi approaches you and slightly looks down at the floor.
  2. You walked away, soon realizing that you shared your next class with none other than that Uchiha raven! You shuffle over to a seat, not noticing that you sat right next to Itachi himself.
  3. It's lunchtime at the end of class, and you are heading over to your usual spot when you notice Itachi sitting alone. His head is buried in a book, like usual.
  4. Itachi approaches you after lunch. "Hello Y/N. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to study for math together. You seemed confused earlier.
  5. Regardless of what you said, you guys end up studying together at the café. Itachi goes to take a sip of tea and accidently drops it, and it spills all over your papers that you just finished!
  6. You head home and as you're laying in bed, you notice Itachi calling you. When you answer, you hear quiet sobbing and he mumbles, "I can't find Sasuke... Y/N, I'm so scared."
  7. The next morning, you wake up and notice that you are late for school. You call Itachi, praying that he will answer. He picks up the phone.
  8. On the way to school, Itachi asks, "Hey Y/N, I noticed that you've been looking over at me at lunch sometimes. Why is that?"
  9. "Is that so?" Itachi gently teases you. "Why do you like me so much anyway, Y/N?"
  10. "Bye, Y/N." Itachi waves to you as you walk away to your class.

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