Who will fall for you? (Part 2)

This is the second part to "Who will fall for you?". If you saw my other one and are back for more, cool. If you're new, see my first one. Good luck finding it...

This, again, is basically making fun of those "who will you fall for/who will fall for you" quizzes. Although, I think I'm having fun making these....

Created by: Chery

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  1. Recap: You found your dog dead on the carpet.
  2. Potatoballs starts crying as you rush over to your dog. "Definitely dead...who the hell could have done this?" You walk back over to your sister.
  3. "Potato, stop crying. We need to find out who killed our beloved Fido." You say as you stroke your sister's head. She nods, sniffs, and wipes the tears from her face. "What do we do?" Sasha asks. "Check that all the doors are locked. And check that nothing's broken, too. Find me if there's anything suspicious."
  4. You start checking every single window first in your house. You have...
  5. Whatever your choice, you check the window by the kitchen door first. You notice...
  6. Next you check the window(s) in the living room. If you have curtains, you pull back the curtain on the one closest to you and before you can open it all the way, your foot steps in something. You look down and realize you've stepped in broken glass.
  7. "Sal!" Your sister says. You turn to find her by the dog. "There's glass in his neck..." She continues. You walk over. Sure enough. You kneel down next to it to examine it more closely and also find...
  8. Whatever your choice, your heartbeat quickens, and you hear footsteps behind you. Potatoballs turns before you do and screams.
  9. You stand up quickly and turn around to see a young man standing a few feet from you. He is wearing black sneakers, torn jeans, a faded gray shirt that has faded red lettering that says "I want you for your blood, not for your personality", orange messy hair and...you notice red eyes. "Are those contacts? Please let those be contacts." You mutter to yourself. Potatoballs clings to your arm, shaking.
  10. The man in front of you smiles and you notice two pointy teeth. Really pointy teeth. "Who...who are you?" You ask. The man shrugged. "Like you'd believe me anyway." He looks at your sister. "Cute kid." He walks toward you.
  11. "Stay away from me." You manage to say as you back up. You forget your dead dog is behind you, so you and Potatoballs screech, trip, and fall. "Cut that out." You heard someone else say. It sounded like someone speaking a dark, milky British accent. The man in front of you turned. "What? I was just playing around." Who's that other guy that told that man to stop? Find out next time.

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