A fall of Nerds Part 1

There are people with many different kinda of thoughts. Each person has it's different thoughts. Here a nerd girl named, Angela discovers a new life and five cute boys who has different personalities.

What happens to you with the famous group band named SHINee,(pronunced as 'shiny.')? Will you fall for a charm? Or will you turn your backs on them? Try this quiz to find out your life in Korea!

Created by: Winterhope
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  1. You walk to your house from the neighborhood you used to live in. It's a little house, but it's perfect for 5-6 people to live in! Your name is Anela Blake. You're 19 years old. You used to live in the states, but you decided to come to Korea and live your own life. You have a job as Journalist in the daily newspaper. You are often sent to get interviews from the famous idols and stars for the weekly magazine. But this time you notice something different, some stylish car was parked at your parking lot, which quite surprised you. You walk faster to see who it was.
  2. You used to get stalked often, so after you came to Korea, you changed yourself into a nerd. You wore big nerdy glasses with no power at all! You keep your front hair and bangs up and let your back hair flow down. You made a run to your house. Banging the door open, you see a big man (maybe 50-60 yrs old) with a black suit and sunglasses, observing your house carefully. You faked coughed to get his attention." Excuse me sir, but you are in my property with out my permission!" you almost shout. He looked at you." you are the owner? Perfect! I want to buy this house with a good price!" He grinned at you which made you step back from his unexpected behavior. "How much?" He told you the price and you really didn't want this good deal slip out of your hand. You thought for a long time then agreed to sign the contract. " If you have my house, where will I live?" "You don't have any relatives here?" He asked. "no, sir. I have a job here and all of my relatives are in the United States, California." He thought for a moment then answered, " I am Lee SooMan, the founder of SM Entertainment(SMTOWN/SM Ent.) You can live on a dorm." "Dorm? I don't attend any schools, sir. I have a job." "A famous band of mine, has free space on their dorm. they'd be glad to share it with you until you get a new home." He offered kindly. You though for a moment. You heard about SM Ent. in your office. Super Junior, a famous band in Korea was also signed to SM Ent. You heard their songs and you were already a big fan of them. Even though you didn't understand korean yet, you loved the songs. "Okay," you say, let me pack my things." You let SooMan to the living room and ran upstairs to pack your things.
  3. You walk to your room looking it with admiration. I am sure going to miss my room, you think. You get two big suitcase for packing. in one suitcase you get all of your clothes, shoe, and cosmetics. On the other one, you take your notebooks, paper, and books you loved and for your office. You take your big teddy bear your brother Austin sent from U.S. and a soccer ball. You loved to play soccer. You locked both of the suitcases and set them on the ground. Next, you prepared your bag where you kept your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and your fuzzy headphones. You were all set now. You look around your room one last time and skip downstairs. You met Lee SooMan again looking around the house eagerly. He looked so friendly, but you didn't like to admit that since he took your house. Finally you give up, and admit he was really kind. You both walk down to his expensive shiny car. The driver takes both of your suitcases and keeps them in the back. You sit down back seat alone while the driver and SooMan sit in front.
  4. It has been already 20 minutes and you still didn't arrived yet. Finally you arrived at a big apartment. It looked so expensive and almost 32 stories tall! I am sure it has a excellent night view, you think. You come out of the car and SooMan came out too. The driver took out your suitcases and you three were all set to the lift. You were nervous and quite scared meeting new people. They were always rude when they met you. Finally you arrived at the 22nd floor. You were behind Sooman when he ringed a doorbell. After five seconds someone unlocked the door and looked at SooMan. You quickly hid behind him. That's why the guy who opened the door couldn't see you. You people got inside and went to the living room where you saw 4 cute boys. They were all looking at you, blankly. That is when another boy rushed inside from the other room and BAM! He fell to the ground in front of everyone. There was a awkward silence filling the room. "Nice landing." you smirked at the boy who fell. Shock filled the room. That is when some other guy spoke who's name you later found out was named Jonghyun. "SooMan ajushi, i thought it would be a hot girl, not a nerd with a strange personality!" He grumbled, not caring about the public surrounding. It made you mad, but you stood silent, head down. SooMan then spoke, "boys this is your new dorm partner, Angela Blake. Please be kind with her." After this he left the dorm with the driver leaving me and my suitcases with 5 awkward boys. I stood there hoping anyone would talk. nope, nobody talked a bit. So you started, "so, aren't you going to introduce yourselves?" you ask adjusting your glasses. Shock again filled the room. "you don't know who we are?" The guy who fell asked. shocked. "no. How can I? I don't even know your name!" You answer bluntly. "I am Onew. This is Key, Minho, Taemin, and Jonghyun." He lastly pointed to the guy who insulted you. You were about to snap back but stopped yourself. You said, " So, can you show me my room?" Taemin answered, "we only have two rooms here, noona. I one room there is two bunk beds. In that room Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key hyungs(a respectful way in korean to represent "older brother/people.") use it and on the second room there is only a bunk bed. I sleep there. You're sharing with me, noona.( a respectfulway to say "sister/or girl in korean) You get mad at at him when he called you noona. "Don't call me Noona, Taemin oppa(respectful way to represent older boys than you.) I am younger than you. Just for a few months. Show me my room, please." You snap off. He looked at you wierdly then told you to come with him.
  5. He took you to a room where there was a bunk bed in the corner and two study tables linked together on another corner. There were two arm chairs beside a floral designed coffee table. There was a jug of different types of flowers on the table. A big window was in the front wall which gave in light. The cream painted walls almost made you day! You liked that room a lot, but didn't express to Taemin who was staring at you in the corner of his eye.
  6. You look at Taemin and slowly smiled. "I like the room. But how did you manage to live in a girly room? Don't you think it's too girly with the flowers?" Taemin instantly smiled at your remark! "I love nature, so I don't mind flowers! I am glad you liked it noona!" He accidently said that. I decided to forgive him this time then you say," why study tables? are you still in School?" "In high school. This is my last year, which I am so glad about!" "Cool." You reply calmly. You started liking him a bit since he was really kind. He didn't snap like the way Jonghyun did. You keep your suitcases beside your study table and your bag on the table. You go to the bathroom to get freshen up. What do you wear?
  7. Suddenly some sort alarm rings and all the boys surround around the TV watching some Korean "talk show." I get a little annoyed so I go to the fridge for something to eat. Nothing was in it. You closed thr fridge door and ran to the boys and said, "umm, guys? The food's gone. It's time to get more." You reply calmly. They instantly grumble and Jonghyun says, You go and get the food since you're hungry. I am not." He stared at the TV screen blurring with laughter. I step back annoyed. I took the shopping list which was on the counter table and head for the door. This time I shouted, "the shopping list contains too much items! I need someone to help me carry them!" They again mumbled under their breaths and didn't budge their eyes at you. You sighed, that is when Minho stood up and grabbed his coat and walked towards you. "let's go. I'll help. I'm not interested in that show that much, anyways." He lead you downstairs to the car.
  8. Minho drove along the road. You both didn't talk at all, but you were hoping he'd talk. What do you do?
  9. You finally decided to be quiet and look at the window (sorry if you didn't pick this. Minho didn't like the silence so he started the conversation, "so, what are we going to buy?" "umm, everything the list says? Don't worry I'll pay this time, but those lazy ants must go next time!" You aughed at your own joke and it made Minho laugh along too. You thought:
  10. As you reached the grocery store, you both were in a good mood after a long laugh. He opened the door out for you like a real gentle men would do! As, you enter the store you get a big trolley for your shopping. Just as you turn around to face minho a girl comes out from nowhere and hugs him tight!" Minho oppa! It's been a long time I saw you!" The girl almost screamed with joy. It got you startled quite a bit. Find out about the girl on the next chapter! Bye! Pease comment and rate!

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