HEY! Are You a Nerd

There is a world of people over 300 billion filled with Geniuses JOcks, Cool People CEOs Bankers and of course NERDS. Nerds tend not to fit in so well with society but make up there own general group its ok YOU NERDS ARE Special

Nerds Geeks Brainiacs etc... But the real question is are you one of them nerds fill our entire socitety. Take this quiz to find out if YOU are a nerd

Created by: Courtney Bravo

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are at a dance at you school you have one item of you choice to bring you bring a
  2. You are on the phone and your friend makes you made you...
  3. Your favorite channel is...
  4. Where do you buy your clothes
  5. Your Favorite Show is
  6. Your Favirite Movie is
  7. You are at a party and o no someone brings drugs you
  8. You Consider your identical twin to be Steve Urkel
  9. You eat what at a dinner buffet
  10. Do you consider Yourself a nerd

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Quiz topic: HEY! am I a Nerd