A Fall of Nerds Part 2

Angela Blake is spending her day of her life with some five extraordinary boys, who seems to change her life. Which one will she fall for? The handsome jock, the cutey, or the playboy, or the dva, or the clumily cute boy of the band name SHINee!

Wanna know what happens to her? Find our by yourself in this quiz made by Winterhope. Find out the results and see whom you fall for from these five handsome charms!

Created by: Winterhope

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  1. I stood there staring at them both hugging, not saying a word. "Oh, Minho!" The girl squeled. Minho didn't say a word, neither he hugged back. He just stood there not doing anything. The girl pulled back, confused by Minho's actions. "What's wrong Minho?" Minho didn't say a word and turned to you. "Let's begin our shopping, Angela." He started walking towards the food racks. I couldn't do anything but follow him, passing that girl. In a corner of my eye I could see, her in a disbelief look. First a sad look then she automatically glared at me. Did she think I was dating him?! I thought, which made me walk faster. "Woah Angela, why are you walking so fast?" Minho asked as I was almost colliding into him, "Did Yoona do something to you?" He asked caringly. I stared at him with huge, wide eyes. So that girl's name was Yoona, huh? "No. She did nothing. Let's begin." I started filling the trolley while he did the same too. I could notice Yoona following us, but I didn't dare to say a word. We shopped in silence and I payed. As we were heading out for the car, Yoona approached us and grabbed Minho's hand. "Minho, you wanna come and spend the rest of the evening with my band?" Yoona asked. I turned around and faced her. So she was a kpop star too. I looked at her head to toe. Looks like one by her expensive fashion. "no," Minho replied calmly, " the boys must be waiting for me and Angel. We should hurry." Winthout another word, he shook her hand off and grabbed mine. Wait, did he just grab my hand?! I quickly looked at Yoona, who was enraged with anger now. Minho and I got into the car and he started driving without another word.
  2. We entered the dorm. As soon as we did Key tackled us, landing right on top of me. Everyone gasped. Taemin was already envy. He slowly stood up and faced Minho. "Why did it take a lot of time?! We were dying hungry!" He shouted. Minho set the groceries on the counter tables. "We met Yoona on the store."He answered. Everyone felt silent for a while. "What did she do now?" Key asked, quite annoyed. "Nothing major like last time." Minho started preparing food for everyone. I silently helped him. And pretty soon we all started eating. Everyone talked, played jokes, and laughed. I smiled and laughed along in some jokes. But I also noticed that Onew kept giving me looks and started laughing or blending in with the conversation. I blushed hoping that he wouldn't notice. Soon after the meal was done I volunteered for washing the dishes. I had to do something for them if I was living with them. I washed the dishes by myself humming a tune. "need any help?" I turned around and found Onew standing there. "Oh sure." You say.
  3. We both washed the dishes. He said some awfully funny jokes that made me laugh until tears sprang out. "Why are you crying!?" He asked, surprised. "You're making me!" I cried and laughed the same time. He started laughing. "You look funny you show two emotions in the same time!" We both laughed which made Key give us a nasty glare from the living room. That was enough to make us both silent. We finished the last dishes together and headed for our rooms. When I entered, Taemin was studying on his side of the study table.
  4. I silently took off my fake glasses and placed it on my table and walked to the bathroom. I washed my face undid my hair. I looked at the mirror. I looked like, not a nerd, but a girl. A normal girl. I applied cream on my face and wore my pajamas for the night, not minding to do my hair on a nerdy way. My bangs fall on my forehead.
  5. I got out from the bathroom and saw the most unexpected thing, I ever would think. Taemin gawking at me, wearing my nerd glasses.
  6. "Angela Blake!" He exclaimed. "Why do you wear this glass?" He asked confused. I snatched it away from him. " Doctor told me to!" I snapped back, knowing that I lied. "I believe the doctor won't tell you to wear a pair of glasses with no power at all!" He almost shouted. His exclamation took me aback. "Well, you don't need to know then!" I snap back, awkward. "You could've told me that before telling a lie Angela." Taemin answered sadly. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
  7. I climbed onto the bunk bed and sunk in, thinking all about today's events. What I did to Taemin was not good. He finished his reading and brushed his teeth in the bathroom and crawled to his bed, turning off the lights.
  8. The dark filled the room. I took a peek down and saw Taemin twisting and turning. "Taemin?" I asked almost above a whisper. "Yes Angel?" He has heard me. "I'm sorry for lying to you about the glasses." I apoligized. "I forgave long time ago, Angela." He answered back in the dark. "You're not mad at me?" I turned my head to face down, surprised.
  9. "No." "why?" "Because I know there is a reason why you did this." Taemin answered. "Thank you, Taemin." "Why?" He asked, now his voice curious. "For understanding.." I Said smiling in the dark. "no prob." "Can you keep a secret, Taemin?" I asked suddenyl. "Sure." He answered his voice now excited. "Don't tell this to anyone. Okay, about the glass incident and the other thing I'm going to tell you."
  10. Okay cliffhanger!! Hehe Sorry, you'll know the next secret on the next chapter. Till then bye!

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