How Well Do You Know Kakashi Hatake?

Itachi senpai and I are at it again!! This one's a bit longer, so I apologize if that annoys you. This is pretty fun, because I'm bored, so expect plenty from me.

Now some words from Itachi-kun! (Itachi: Yeah, definitely expect lots of quizzes. Bree has nothing else to do-) Okay Itachi.... Not what I meant! Geez... Anyway. Good luck :)

Created by: Bree

  1. What color is Kakashi's hair?
  2. What was the number of Kakashi's squad of genin?
  3. And who was included in that squad?
  4. Who pulled a prank on Kakashi when first meeting him?
  5. And what was that prank?
  6. Who was on Kakashi's squad?
  7. Their sensei's name was....?
  8. Why does Kakashi have a sharingon even though he's not an Uchiha?
  9. What is Kakashi's favorite book series?
  10. What did Obito predict Kakashi was when they were children?
  11. Who was Kakashi's father?
  12. Which of Kakashi's students left the leaf village?
  13. Why did Kakashi kill Obito?
  14. Why did Kakashi kill Rin?
  15. Why did Kakashi kill Minato?
  16. What was Kakashi's team trying to obtain in Kakashi's "Survival Test"?
  17. What happened to the person who didn't get a bell?
  18. What was the point of Kakashi's survival test?
  19. What did Obito make Kakashi promise to do before Obito died?
  20. Could Kakashi keep this promise?
  21. What animals can Kakashi summon?
  22. Why was Kakashi obsessed with rules as a child?
  23. Does Kakashi become Hokage?
  24. If so, what number?

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