Does She Like You? (For Boys)

Hi there! I'm doing something different than I usually do, and Itachi senpai won't be joining me today. (Sad, I know.) So yeah. Boys, do you have a crush?

Are you confused as to whether or not she likes you? Because if not, I'm not even sure why you're here. But if you do, well go on, take the quiz, you dummy!

Created by: Bree
  1. We'll start simple. Does she ever look into your eyes?
  2. Has she ever blushed when she's near you?
  3. Have you ever caught her staring?
  4. Whenever you talk, is she facing you?
  5. Does she make jokes around you? Or try to act funny?
  6. Does she laugh at all the jokes you make?
  7. Does she try to share her hobbies and interests with you?
  8. This is very important. Where does she look when you guys talk?
  9. Also important. Who followed who first on social media?
  10. When she sees you how does she react?
  11. When she's around you, how does she act?
  12. Have you ever broken the touch barrier?
  13. Who initiated it the first time you broke the touch barrier (on purpose)?
  14. Do you think she likes you?

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