How Well Do You Know Sakura?

Heyo there :3!! Itachi senpai and I are back with another "how well do you know..." quiz! Hope you do well on it! (Itachi: So what's even the point of making all these...?)

I've included some facts from filler episodes too, by the way, so hopefully you didn't skip any ;P Hehe. Goodluck!(Itachi: Um you forgot....!) Oh oh oh yeah! There might be spoilers too, so sorry!

Created by: Bree

  1. What is Sakura's last name?
  2. Who is Sakura's best friend/rival?
  3. Who has Sakura always had a crush on?
  4. Who was Sakura's 1ST sensei?
  5. And her second?
  6. What type of jutsu does Sakura specialize in?
  7. When the girls were in a hot tub together, who was Sakura jealous of?
  8. When did Sakura cut her hair and why did she cut it?
  9. What is Sakura's nickname for Ino?
  10. Who had Sakura's bra stuck to his bum after leaving the hot tubs?
  11. Who does Sakura marry?
  12. Who had a crush on Sakura since he met her?
  13. What color was Sakura's hair ribbon and who gave it to her?
  14. Why was Sakura jealous of another girl in the hot tub?
  15. How many children did Sakura have?
  16. And his/her/their name(s)?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Sakura?