Story love.....

Ok you might no get the point of this quiz but I can tell you it " its just for you to read" it's pretty lame!!! So if you don't like it it's ok!!!!!!

I hope you do like it!!!!! I am not the best at making up stories! I am only good at making up LAME, DUMB and not point ones! So I hope you like this one!

Created by: HELLO

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  1. "Then he prince and young girl got married. The end" You remember your nan reading you a love story. You clap, you were 5 at the time. "Nan, do you think a prince will get married to me?" you ask her. "Maybe! But princes come and when they do. You see what there like. Don't go looking for them! They will find you" you nod "I wont go look nan! Me promise!" you tell her in your little, sweet and cute voice. She just laughs and hands you a neckless. "For me?" you ask her. She nods "Yes, keep it all your life. Open it when your 18" you nod. Then your nan stands up "Oh" she says. "Nan what's wrong" you say sobbing "Dear, when your 18 go find the gem" she says handing you the papper. "MUM!! Help nan" you yell at the top of your voice while sobbing. You nan smiles "Don't forget me! Promise?" she says. You nod then she dies. You sob while hugging her lifeless body.
  2. Now back to your life. Your 17 about to turn 18. Your life is cool. Your in year 12. Your so smart you got moved up a year. Your birthday is on the day you get out of school forever (if you know what I mean) you want to look for gems!! It's just something you want to do!! Ok back to the story. Your eyes blink open, as the sun is on your face. "WAKE UP" you mother called from down stairs. You get up slowly and get dress do your hair (ect) "Are you sure it's a weekday?" you tell her. (your mum gets days mixed up) "Yes, it's a Monday" she tells you cheerfully. "Great! My FAV day of the week" you say (jokingly) your mum gives you a glare. Beep bEep the bus pulled up at you house. You get a apple and run to get on it.
  3. You walk on the bus and sit down next to Ace. "Oh so now you talk to me!" he says. You and Ace just had a fight because he said bad things about you behind your back. "Ha! Your lucky I am even sitting next to you" you tell him rolling your eyes. "Look ---, I.....I" he started. "Save it Ace! Your lies are enough" you tell him. "---.... I didn't mean it! I just like her..." he tells you honestly. "Oh SO you just like this girl you have never talked to you before, over you BEST FRIEND!!! That makes me feel so much better" you tell him! Angery like you are!! He just looks out the window. You get off the bus and walk into school
  4. The day goes ok. (for a day...) you walk home (because you missed the bus + it cold) you need to think so you walk into the forest were you always used to go to think. You walk under a tree and dig for your book, yo put their. "Oh, are you looking for this book?" a boy with blond hair and blue eyes asks you. You nod. He hands you the book. Then 3 boys come out. One with black hair and grey eyes. Another one with brown hair and golden eyes. And the last one with Silver hair and red eyes came out. The boy you were talkig to before said "I am Jake his is spike (back hair), Hector (brown hair) and colt (sliver hair.). And your name?" jake asked.
  5. "---, now I got to go! See ya" you say as you run off. "Umm" you hear Jake say.
  6. Ok that's it! Sorry it's not long! I make the next one longer. If there is a next time....
  7. I mEan if you lime this one!!!!
  8. You can comment and rate if you want! If will be helpful to know what you think!
  9. If you can not it's ok! And if you can it's ok
  10. Bye

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