Twilight Saga: How well do you know it

If your really a Twilight Saga fan what's to be afraid of. I'm just saying it's not that hard to just read the book and answer a few questions.In these questions none of them relay on the movies.

Are you a Twi-Hard? Are you even interested in Twilight at all? Prove your skills and put your mind to it! Now get Crackin'!!!! Answer those questions and earn that title!

Created by: Beck 'n' Jenn

  1. In twilight what restaurant do Bella and Edward eat at?
  2. Who tells the Volturi about Renesmee?
  3. What does Edward make Bella promise before he leaves?
  4. What is Stephanie Meyers favorite band?
  5. What town does Rosalie when she is human?
  6. What was the name of the vampire that turned Jasper?
  7. Who was the only other person to get away from James?
  8. What is the name of the book that is Edward's version of Twilight?
  9. Who was Victoria's supposed mate in Eclipse?
  10. When Bella wakes up after her first night at Isle Esme, why is Edward so upset?
  11. What does Jacob think of Bella when she first tells him she knows he's a werewolf?
  12. How many houses did Emmett tell Bella him and Rosalie smashed?
  13. At the end of Breaking Dawn, what does Bella do that both surprises Edward and makes him really happy?

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Quiz topic: Twilight Saga: How well do I know it