How Well Do You Know The Twilight Saga?

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There are lotsa people who claim to be Twilight Fans, Or Twihards. There are only few that are TRUE fans. The rest are plain wannabes!! Some people are true Twilight Genius's!

Are YOU a Twihard or Twifan or Twilight fan etc....... Take this quiz which is based on the world famous Saga and see if you are a TRUE fan or some worthless wannabe.

Created by: Sam Kufel

  1. What colour are Renesmee's eyes?
  2. Edward and Bella's honeymoon spot is?
  3. In Eclipse, who creates the army of newborns?
  4. What makes Bella hallucinate Edward in New Moon?
  5. The Alpha of the Quilete Wolf Pack is?
  6. In breaking Dawn, what does Rosealie inscribe on the dog-bowl shaped dish she gives jacob?
  7. Who is the female werewolf?
  8. What is Edward's condition if Bella wanted him to change her himself?
  9. Easy, Bella's dad is a?
  10. Super Duper easy, Bella moved to the town of?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Twilight Saga?