This quiz is to test your ability on just how much you know about the Twilight Saga! Just remember for this quiz you had to of read ALL the books!!!!!

There are lots of people in this world who "think" that they know all about the Twilight Saga. Do YOU? Take this quiz and find out!! See if your a true Twi-Hard

Created by: emily

  1. What is Bella's full name before she is married?
  2. What year was Edward born in?
  3. How many wolves are in Sam's pack?
  4. Who imprints on Renesmee?
  5. What coven does Valdimir belong to?
  6. In what book does Victoria die? And by who?
  7. In Eclipse when Jacob kisses Bella for the first time what happends?
  8. In Breaking Dawn what is the sixteenth chapter called? without running to get your book to find out
  9. What kind of car does Edward buy Bella?
  10. What book does Harry Clearwater die in? Chapter and day?
  11. In what oder did Carlisle change the Cullens?
  12. Bella is suprised that this person is a wolf?
  13. Finish the quote: "I think shes having ________________!
  14. What does the ring look like that Edward gives Bella for the wedding?
  15. When Edward doesn't tell Bella about Alice seeing Victoria coming back what does Bella compare it to beacuse of her bad luck?
  16. Bella challenges Emmet to an arm wrestling fight after she is a vampire. why?
  17. In Twilight what resturant do Bella and Charlie go to?
  18. Who's team are you on?

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