Inside the Diagnosis

We all take this life we have for granted. Our mobility, our knowledge our everyday life style. Often, we forget about those who aren't as lucky as us. Everyone knows that mental and physical handicaps are in existence. But just how many suffer from these disabilities? What causes them?

I hope you wore your thinking caps. This test is a tough one. I suggest you take past experiences and prior knowledge and pull all the information you can to answer these questions. It's time everyone came to terms with life outside our perfect bubble. These are the real statistics.

Created by: Jennifer

  1. What is cerebral palsy?
  2. _________ children/adults are living with symptoms of cerebral palsy in the US and _________babies are prone to eventually develop the disease each year.
  3. These are all symptoms of children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy EXCEPT:
  4. Autism has an annual growth of ______percent.
  5. How many families in North Carolina alone are affected by Autism?
  6. What is the average life expectancy for a child with Down Syndrome?
  7. _____ newborns are diagnosed with Down syndrome annually in the US.
  8. What is the second most common developmental disability?
  9. What disease or problem do people with Down Syndrome have an increased risk of developing later on down the road?
  10. Down Syndrome brings carries all the physical features EXCEPT:

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