Apricotwhisker Warrior Cat Love Story Part 1

Hi! So, I have made a Warrior Cat Love Story quiz, as you can see....I hope you enjoy it! This is made for Warrior Cat readers and fans, though others can read it, even if ur doesn’t make that much sense. This quiz is only for girls because you have to have a tom cat (male) as your mate results. BTW, I have an app called WildCraft and it’s soooo fun. In the multiplayer my name is Apricotwhisker, and you might actually meet me in the game!

Step into a world of adventure and creativity to find your one and only, destined-to-be, mate!!!! Have fun guys! Oh and remember, always feel free to tell me what you do and don’t like about this, and next time I’ll improve! Hope you enjoy! 🙂🐱🐈 Also, in the quiz you will be in the perspective of Turtlepaw.

Created by: Apricotwhisker
  1. A blur. A pain. A paw jabbing you. You flicker your eyes to see a gray cat with dark gray patches, poking you. “What IS IT bro!” You stare unappreciatively at your brother, Stonepaw. He rolled his eyes, “Today is our first day of battle training! I’m gonna shred your ears!” You smiled. “Not so fast Stoney! Think again!” You leap upwards and tumble down on him, sending the two of you flying across the apprentices’ den. You pin him down with one forepaw in triumph. Then you look up to see Flamepaw snarling at you. “Watch where you’re going mouse-brain! Your not kits anymore, though someone wouldn’t be able to tell because of your behavior! Show some respect to the older apprentices-like me!!!” You slither in next to your brother.
  2. After battle training with your mentor, Echofang, and Stonepaw’s mentor, Maplefeather (the deputy), you head back to camp. Stoney stumbles ahead to Maplefeather, and Echofang stays at your side. “Well done, kid.” He purrs. You smile, “Thanks. You’re a great mentor.” You hear a rustle in the bushes.
  3. Whatever you choose to do, you don’t have the chance. A twig snaps from tree, and you see a hawk swooping right towards you. It extends its talons and hooks you into its claws. You squeal in pain and terror but nobody hears you. All of a sudden the bushes rustle again and out jumps Eaglewing. He springs into the air and flexes his claws firmly into the hawk’s flesh. Then he grabs your scruff, and hauled you out of the hawk’s grip. The two of you lay, panting, on the forest floor.
  4. You accidentally fall asleep, and later you wake up. You see Eaglewing lying next to you, softly licking your fur. He sees that you are awake, and says, “Don’t worry, Turtlepaw, everything is okay. Once you have enough energy to walk, I’ll take you back to camp. I’ll protect you.”
  5. A few sunrises later, you’re scratching earth over your prey to take a break from hunting. You look around. Everything was silent. Suddenly, you feel something brush your tail. “Ahh!” You spin around to see Swiftpaw gazing at you. He was smiling brightly before he saw you turn around. He slithered away, scared and embarrassed into the depths of nearby ferns.
  6. Moons later it is your turn to become a warrior. You see your leader, HeatherStar, leaping to the Highledge. Maplefeather, the deputy, shifts beside her, with Eaglewing, a senior warrior, underneath. “AshClan, I request you to gather beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting.” HeatherStar’s noble voice rang and echoed everywhere. Cats streamed out of their dens to watch you. You see brothers, Flameheart and Swiftclaw, sitting together. You glance at Stonepaw, “Are you ready, Stoney? This is our big day, and everyone is ready to watch us.” He nodds approvingly, too excited to speak. “I, HeatherStar, leader of AshClan, call upon my warrior assessors to look down on these apprentices.” She beckons Echofang and Maplefeather forward with her tail. “Good job, he whispers into your ear.” “You tought me well, Echofang.” You mumble back. The two of you step forward. “ We honor your independence and perserverence, and I present you to StarClan as a warrior. You have tried hard to learn the ways of their noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Turtlepaw, from this moment onwards, you will be known as TurtleShine.” TurtleShine! TurtleShine! TurtleShine! Echofang bent…
  7. About 2 moons later, you’re in the hang of being a warrior. At least I don’t have to clean the elders’ den anymore!, you think.....You are sleeping during early dawn, but you are awakened by birdsong. You decide to take a walk outside, and enjoy the fresh air. You yawn stretching your hind legs. You padded to the thorn barrier, and slither outside. Your paws crunching the leaf-litter reminds you that soon leaf-fall will give way to leaf bare. A screech in the trees frightens you. It was definitely a cat. “Hello? Anyone there?” “Help!” Came the faint response. You flash through the undergrowth. “Where are you?! Don’t worry, I’m coming to help!” You skidded to a halt. A cat about the age of a kit, was struggling to get free, from under a large branch that had fallen off a tree during a storm a few sunrises ago. Shredding the smallest twigs, you tried clawing it away. “Don’t worry. I’ll find someway to help you. Everything will be okay, little kitten.” After working on help the cat for a long time, you hear something. A low scratchy voice said, “Are you guys okay? Do you need help with anything?” “Yes!” You pleaded. The cat dashed toward you, panic stricken. He gazed at you. “I’ll…
  8. For many moons, you keep thinking. Eaglewing......Flameheart....Jay.....Swiftclaw..... Here are the nutshells: Eaglewing: Loyal and Brave Flameheart: A great fighter and always looking out for others Jay: Seems grumpy but actually has a very sweet heart Swiftclaw: Clever and shy
  9. Thank you guys soooooo much!!! Please tell me the good and bad things, and what you did and didn’t like! I hope you can try out WildCraft BTW! Thank you so much for doing the quiz, and stay tuned for part 2 (It may take a while). Also, this is my second quiz I have made, and in the other one, my name was Saanvi banana, and it was called Warrior Cat Banana Party Warrior Cat Love Story...or something like that(The name was just so that it wasn’t mixed with all the others.) By thank you! By the way this question doesn’t affect the results
  10. Hi so I had to have at least 10 questions so yeah.....The answers don’t affect your results so choose any

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