Warrior cat love story (all genders)

This is a multi part love story for all genders! It's between your character and four of my oc' s (Flamestar, Silvermist, Tigerheart, and Wildfire)🙄

There is one cat form each clan, ( you are in thunderclan) I hope you enjoy, and the last question doesn't effect any thing.( just a little btw)))))))

Created by: Secretkeeper

  1. What's your gender
  2. Your ( you name )and you are on dawn patrol with Flamestar and you come to the river clan border, you see a small kit drowning in the river, you
  3. Q A patrol of river clan warriors step out from under a bush and dart tworad the kit, they pull him out from the water. you...
  4. Once you get back to camp, you think
  5. You walk to the warriors den and fall asleep, you wake up to the great Firestar telling you to go to the island where gatherings are held at moon high tomarrow night. You think
  6. You made it to the island by moonhigh, there are three other cats. Silvermist the River clan shecat, Tigerheart the shadow clan deputy, and Wildfire a wind clan tom.
  7. Tiger heart. "What's your name?" He looked shyly at you and smiled. You. ".....
  8. Silvermist. "Let's go I'm tired of standing here"You. "Where do we go?"Wildfire. "To the mountains"Tigerheart. "Why the mountains?"
  9. You all start towards th mountains, a family of badgers attack! You...
  10. What did you think?

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