i hope you like my warriors love story! i worked realy hard on it, and i made thew name stand out so it doesnt get confused with all the other love story part ones.

i hope you like your result. i know chosing who you like best out of the three toms fighting over you, the thunderclan deputy, wolfcloud, and the other two thunderclan warriors/toms, sunspot and snowypelt will be realy hard for you but i hope you like it.


  1. You have three warriors fighting over you. Two are warriors, and one is the deputy of thunderclan. One comes up to you. He is Wolfcloud, the deputy of Thunderclan. "Do you want to go hunting with me?" Your answer:
  2. It's time for sharingtounges, who do you sharetounges with?
  3. The next day, Sunspot asks if you want to go and walk down to the lake shore with him. you answer by:
  4. Two days later, Snowypelt asks you if you want to walk through the forest, and mabey stop and hunt. You reply by saying:
  5. it's the night of the gathering, and you got picked to go. Wolfcloud picked you, but didn't pick Sunspot or Snowypelt, knowing that after the gathering he could seek you alone to talk to you. He said: I know Sunspot and Snowypelt love you, but so do i. i love you, and, er, i was wondering if,er, you love me and want to be my mate." you respond by:
  6. it's time to go to bed, who do you sleep by?
  7. You love all three toms. which do you love the most?
  8. you go on a walk in the forest with Sunspot. a fox trys attacks you, and he saves you from getting a scratch on you. you respond by:
  9. you go down to the shore. you fall in and nearly drown. snowypelt hears your crys when he was out hunting. he comes to the rescue. you respond by:
  10. you will get your results after this question. TELL ME NOW!!! DID YOU LIKE MY QUIZ???????!!!!!!!

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