how much are you like my warrior

My warriors name is flameclaw. Later, i will describe his life but for now lets stick to his personality. In the next paragraph, i will describe just that!

He is kind of big, I guess if he was human he would be about 6'4. He is very athletic, and has reddish-brown tabby fur. He became deputy when the truce broke at a gathering and the previous deputy was killed. He will become flamestar when froststar loses his 9th life. Just in case you forget, i will say all this again when the quiz has given you your final result.

Created by: rwoo2102

  1. what name do you like the most?
  2. how would you describe yourself?
  3. what is your favorite sport?
  4. what is your favorite soda?
  5. what is your favorite chip flavor?
  6. what is your favorite football team? [american]
  7. what is your favorite kind of frresh-kill?
  8. what is your favorite human food?
  9. what is your favorite book?
  10. what is your favorite movie?
  11. what baseball position do you play?
  12. what football position?
  13. what basketball position are you?

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Quiz topic: How much am I like my warrior