How Do People Describe You?

There are a lot of different ways to describe one person, and you can be described so many ways. Of course, when friends and other people describe you, you always have that thought of, "how did they describe me?"

How do get described by your friends, or even strangers? Do you ever wonder how you get described or how people consider you when you of course aren't looking or listening? Well, you can find out with this 20-question-quiz!!!

Created by: rappernamedtomboy123
  1. At a party, what are you wearing?
  2. What sport would you be found playing?
  3. Are you flirty?
  4. Here's a story.
  5. There's a dog running through the woods when he sees a cat. So the dog begins chasing the cat. But the dog eventually looses the cat, and he also cannot find his home. So he wanders through the woods for a few hours, and fears he will never find his home. He stays the night in the woods and when he wakes up the owner is carrying him into the home. The dog is very happy now.
  6. Are you fit?
  7. Someone is crying.
  8. Have you ever taken your anger out on a good friend?
  9. How many fights have you been in? Both verbal fights and physical fights.
  10. Do you like star wars?
  11. How often do you cuss?
  12. How many friends do you have?
  13. Are you up-to-date on things?
  14. In school, what grades did you get?
  15. What matters more to you?
  16. How often can people reason with you?
  17. Are you outgoing?
  18. Nobody likes the How Did You Like This Quiz crud, so just pick a smiley face and get it over with that way you can get your results. And NO, this does not count for your final grade.

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