Whats your true color?

Theres tons of kinds of people in this world so what kind are you???Theres the smart, weird, rocker,popular,jock,nerd,shy and tonsssss moreee. Which one would you describe youself as???Do you want to know?? well then take this quiz!!!! :]

What would you describe yourself as??? Well lets find out. !!!

Created by: haley
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You turned on the radio and the song you stop on is;
  2. Your in the pet store and you buy;
  3. Your friend invites you to the club and you reply;
  4. Your fav class in school is;
  5. Dream job;
  6. In class teacher asks who wants to present first and you;
  7. At a restaurant you order;
  8. If you had a baby boy you would name him;
  9. Your dream vacation is at;
  10. In school you are known as;

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Quiz topic: Whats my true color?