What Your Hair Color says about you

Everybody has a haircolor, but what does yours say about you? You may be a blonde but your attitude may say you are a brunette. You may be a red head or totally outragously hot pink. Just take the quiz to find out what your true hair color is!

Do you have blonde hair? Well you can find out what your true hair color is just by taking this quiz! Go ahead you know you want to! All that it takes is a click of a button! JUST DO IT !

Created by: Brittany
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  1. Do you like to be in charge?
  2. Do you have tons of opnions you want to get out into the world?
  3. Do you have to have the hottest fashions every week when you go to school?
  4. DO you like the color black for your full out outfit ( like form head to toe?
  5. When you get told to do something by your parent,teacher,or boss do you.....
  6. When you get a B on a paper (or when you were in school) at school do you
  7. When your friends dared you to go out and get a tatoo you were
  8. When you get up set you
  9. The guy ( guys think of this as a hypothetical question) in the black shirt is making you so mad because he won't stop...
  10. Last question. when you are looking for someone to spend your life with or date you want them to be...

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Quiz topic: What my Hair Color says about you